The Aggregator Aggravator

If people are going to stalk me, I want them to have to work for it.

Services like FriendFeed make it easy for users to aggregate statuses, feeds, and notifications so their “friends” can conveniently track their every move. Narcissistic, maybe, but it’s not particularly bothersome. Services like Spokeo and SocialThing! make it easy for users to track their “friends'” every move… without their knowledge.

This is bothersome.

Aggregation isn’t inherently bad– it’s just not always wanted. With social capabilities making their way into nearly every web service, it’s easy to forget how much you’re revealing about yourself. In fact, it’s now trivial to find your Wish List, Blockbuster Queue, latest [boy|girl]friend’s name, and everything else automatically at a finger’s reach in real time.

To combat unwanted aggregation, I use a spam-protection hack that employs single-use e-mail addresses. Services like Spokeo search major websites for accounts with identical usernames and e-mail addresses. Simply differentiate e-mail addresses using the aforementioned hack and you’re golden– and spam-free!

Give the spooky Spokeo a try. It’ll scour your e-mail account for addresses and aggregate all of your contacts for you.

Try not to become too much of a stalker.


Don't forget Profilactic. We've made online stal-- uh, I mean aggregation easy since 2006.


It was YOU who Spokeo'd me! TRAITOR.